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The Clan Today.
 The clan was a Celtic tribal organization for over 3,000 years. Our clan has been in existence for nigh on 900 years. The clan was the unit of organization not the state. The ideal of a clan where all belonged to a community, where all were equal, men and women alike; where property was shared for the common good has still a powerful resonance in today’s world. The Chief was the leader who could best protect his people. The leader was chosen from a group of noble families. Descent on the maternal side had precedence; the identity of your mother was always certain. As a form of social organization in Scotland the clan died after Culloden. As the world becomes one with communications technology, it becomes even more important for an individual to have a sense of identity, a sense of having roots, a sense of participation, a sense of belonging to a community. 

The clan community today is represented by the people who value their heritage enough to join their clan society.


Information on the Branch.

Our members are interested in their heritage; the Chief, the clan, Scottish history and culture; their family genealogy; and the fellowship of members of the clan. Our standard membership fee is C$15.00; at least C$10.00 of this will be a charitable donation to the Trust. In this internet age the Branch makes a group donation to the Trust to give to all its members a Magazine Library Card on the website of the Trust
The Society produces two issues of the clan lachlan magazine per year and has done so since 1979.  By using their Magazine Library Card our members can download the colour edition of the clan lachlan magazine on the same  day that the PDF file goes to the printer for a b & w copy to be printed and  mailed to members . This is our " Save the trees" initiative This group donation enables the Branch to produce its newsletter the Rowan Tree in colour and put it in the Magazine Library section of the website. This allows Branch members to download, read or print the newsletter or ask for it to be E-mailed.
Our branch has always stressed helping members with their research on their genealogy. All new members receive a genealogical form and we help to integrate this into the genealogical data of the clan. Your family data is entered into "Your Family History" which covers the ancestry of  members since 1979.This is updated as new members join and can be read using the Magazine  Library Card.  We are in the process of  introducing a major Library Data Base with unlimited storage . We plan to collect all the information available on the "Lachlan/MacLachlan family". We offer a service where you can build your own Family tree. The Magazine Library Card gives access to the DB.
The Lachlan Library Card has all the membership  benefits of the  Magazine Library Card plus the major benefit of acccess to all the 250 plus books in the Library covering Clan Records & Genealogy, family Memoirs and classic books on Scottish history & culture previously only available in the libraries of major universities. . A Lachlan Library Card is required if you wish to have your Family Genealogy & History or  your personal ISBN E Book filed in the Lachlan Library,  Library & Archives Canada and  the National Library of Scotland. If you have an E Book in the Library, it will remain for all time unless you withdraw it. Your family in future generations  can add to your Family History. 
We represent the Clan at Highland Games and Clan functions, and organize MacLachlan Ceilidhs on a regional basis; the present concentration of members being in the areas surrounding Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, and London/St. Thomas.

Membership in the Society 

One is entitled to membership in the Society if in the male or female side one of your ancestors in Scotland or Ireland bore the name MacLachlan, Maclauchlan, McLaughlin,  Lachlan, Laughlin,  or Gilcrist or MacEwan or one of the 400 variants in spelling
In the application form please give the name of earliest known ancestor and their assumed country of birth.  A full genealogical form will be supplied when you are given your membership form. Membership in the Clan MacLachlan Society is based on individual membership. The membership number assigned to you by the Membership Secretary is unique; now and in the future it is the key to tying you and your family into the genealogical records of the Clan. Joining the Clan Lachlan Association of Canada automatically makes you a member of the Worldwide Society.
The Clan Lachlan Association of Canada also offers Associate Membership  to anyone who subscribes to our objectives of maintaining our Celtic and Highland heritage but does not have a known ancestor with one of the clan names. This carries all the rights of membership except voting.  

One can join the Branch with a membership donation below or contact the names below for additional information or answers to any of your queries.

  •  Branch Genealogy Officer: Judy Gauthier, Email:
  • Treasurer for Membership: James MacLachlan, Email: 
Treasurer for Lachlan Library: David MacLachlan, Email: 


Renewal & New Membership Application or Gift Membership   

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